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Happy #firstdayoffall 🍂
Happy Friday 🙃

#consciousconsumer #dontbuystuffyoudontneed
Want to save BIG on holiday decor? Don’t buy it new. Thrift it! 🎃

We went to a Big Lots and a Goodwill on the same day and found the same or similar items for a grand total of $74 saved on pumpkin decor. And don’t get us started on the Winter decorations, the options there were PLENTIFUL ❄️🎅🏻🎄…

So do yourself a favor and start your conscious consumer journey by not adding to the already sky high demand for new, cheap and poorly made decorations.

Instead you can give the same items new life by thrifting and often score even more unique finds❣️

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USDA issues public health alert for contamination risk for SPAM sold to HEB retailers in Texas - the cans in question have a “best by Aug 2026” date. The contamination risk comes from under processing. Consumers are encouraged to discard these cans if they have them. SPAM is owned by Hormel Foods. #consumersafety
French ski resort, La Sambuy, says it’s closing permanently due to not enough snow. (CNN)

“According to a report published in August by the scientific journal Nature Climate Change, 53% of 2,234 ski resorts surveyed in Europe are likely to experience ‘a very high snow supply risk’”

This isn’t the first ski resort in the French Alps to permanently shut its doors for this reason, with another town making a similar move last year due to loss of revenue caused by the shorter season, and it won’t be the last. 

@luigicani and his team, pulled off the “100 million seeds Amazon project” in Jan. 2022, impacting a remote and deforested area of the Brazilian Amazon by dropping 100 million native seeds from the air. The feat took enormous effort to pull off including securing permits from Brazilian authorities and making a box that was biodegradable and hand picking seeds from a nearby forest at the right timing to ensure the highest percentage of self germination. ☁️🌱👏 #environmentalactivism #skydiving #100millionseedsamazonproject
🚙Ride-sharing company, @lyft , announced today that it is launching ‘Women+ Connect’ a new feature intended to increase safety and confidence of both women and nonbinary riders and drivers who would prefer to match with one another. When the feature goes live in a city, women and nonbinary riders will be prompted in their Lyft app to select ‘Count me in,’ which will increase their chances of matching with women and nonbinary drivers. The company notes that it is just a preference setting and not a guarantee as women and nonbinary drivers only account for 23% of total drivers, even though women and nonbinary riders account for nearly half of total lyft riders. The company hopes this move will also increase the chances of more women and nonbinary people becoming drivers. The feature will roll out in select early-access cities in the US: Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose. Source: Lyft press release

#lyft #consciousconsumer #newsyoucanuse #rideshare
🍅🍓What do you think about this? Do you agree? Studies show that produce is more flavorful and nutritious the shorter the time was since it was harvested. That means shorter supply chains, and less freezer-preservation. So buy in season and buy locally when you can!

Outside of buying local (farmers markets, co ops and more can help you here) If you are looking for a top rated Cluey brand that still helps to maintain some convenience while also sticking with in-season produce, consider @imperfectfoods and @fruitguys (they also do office and school deloveries). And check out our podcast episode with the founder of @smallaxepeppers , a hot sauce brand that makes their sauce with peppers grown in community gardens across the US, to hear more about the impact of the ingredients in your food and where it comes from. (“The Cluey Podcast” available on all podcast platforms). 

Follow us for more tips, mindset shifts, news, and brands for #consciousconsumers 🤓

🎥CBC interview with chef and food journalist, Anthony Bourdain in 2002

If you act quickly, there’s still time to have your own little Shrute Farms right at home and enjoy a bountiful late fall harvest. 🥕🥦🥬 Multiple studies indicate that eating produce from a home garden vs. a store results in food that is more flavorful and nutrient dense, compared to the high yield varietals often mass produced for sale in retail groceries. Tons of gardening accessories found with top rated Cluey brands like @backtotheroots_official 

🪴 Follow us @clueyconsumer for more #consciousconsumer tips! 🪴 

#homegarden #seasonalproduce #homesteading #eatwhatyougrow #gardentips
Another week, another highlight of Cluey-approved brands with better impacts on people and the planet that can be found at just about any major retailer. This week, we went to Walgreens and spotlighted 🧼 Dr. Bronner’s ❤️‍🔥 Good Clean Love  and 🧴bliss

Btw, did you know the fact about Dr. Bronner’s donation history?? 🍄  tell us in the comments below 👇 

Follow Cluey for more content like this, and search these brands and thousands more to learn the real impact of your purchases at using best in class data! 

#clueyconsumer #consciousconsumer
Are you observing “buy nothing September” or “secondhand september”? Tell us in the comments if you are and any tips!👇#buynothingseptember
Source: @zillow press release 📰 

83% of Homebuyers surveyed by Zillow say they weigh climate risk when picking where to live. The survey of almost 12,000 prospective homebuyers occurred between April and July, with a majority indicating they weighed at least one climate risk such as floods, extreme temperatures, wildfires, hurricanes, and more in purchase plans. #climatechange #wildfires #floods #hurricane #extremeheat #consciousconsumer #homebuyer


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