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Tips from the EPA on reducing smoke exposure 💨 👇:

💨 Keep windows and doors closed.

💨 Use fans and air conditioning to stay cool. If you cannot stay cool, seek shelter elsewhere.

💨 Reduce the smoke that enters your home.
- If you have an HVAC system with a fresh air intake, set the system to recirculate mode, or close the outdoor intake damper.
- If you have an evaporative cooler, avoid using it unless there is a heat emergency because it can result in more smoke being brought inside. 
- If you have a window air conditioner, close the outdoor air damper.
- If you have a portable air conditioner with a single hose, typically vented out of a window, do not use it in smoky conditions because it can result in more smoke being brought inside. If you have a portable air conditioner with two hoses, make sure that the seal between the window vent kit and the window is as tight as possible.
- Use a portable air cleaner or high-efficiency filter to remove fine particles from the air.
- If you use a portable air cleaner, run it as often as possible on the highest fan speed.
- If you cannot get a portable air cleaner, you may choose to use a DIY air cleaner as a temporary alternative. Run it as often as possible. See the box above for Tips – If You Choose to Use a DIY Air Cleaner.
- If you have an HVAC system with a high-efficiency filter installed, run the system’s fan as often as possible to remove particles while the air quality is poor.

💨 Avoid activities that create more fine particles indoors, including:
- Smoking cigarettes.
- Using gas, propane or wood-burning stoves and furnaces.
- Spraying aerosol products.
- Frying or broiling food.
- Burning candles or incense.
- Vacuuming, unless you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

💨 Avoid strenuous activity during smoky times to reduce how much smoke you inhale.

💨 Create a clean room. Watch EPA’s videoabout how to set up a clean room at home.

💨 Have a supply of N95 respirators and learn how to use them.

💨 Air out your home by opening windows or the fresh air intake on your HVAC system when the air quality improves, even temporarily.
Friendly reminder: pick up your litter 🚮 🦀 🏖️
🍎🥒🥕🍒🍓🥭🫑🥑🍋🧄🫐🍌Stock up on those seasonal fruits and veggies! Buying in season often means shorter supply chains meaning it’s better for the planet and for you, allowing you to consume it when it’s at peak nutritional value.  #cucumbersong #seasonalproduceguide #consciousconsumer #clueyconsumer
@nerdyaboutnature arming us with the information needed to help us be better pup parents for the planet. 🌎💩Check it out! #pickupafteryourdog

Need a good poop bag? Check out our story or products 🛍️ highlight to see our pick.
We thought it was about time to reintroduce ourselves and we were recently invited by one of our data partners, @morningstarinc to speak a bit more about what it is that we do — so we’re sharing that with all of you!! Start making a greater impact through your everyday purchases today and go to 

#cluey #clueyconsumer #consciousconsumer
Have you ever wondered about the impact your dining out habit has on the planet? Or have you ever stopped to think about the sustainability practices of your favorite food stop? One organization, @greenrestaurantassociation thinks about this all the time. They want to empower businesses in the restaurant industry to make impactful choices through things like how they manage waste, water, sourcing, and more. They’ve built a database in the US and Canada of certified green restaurants that you can support the next time you’re having a night out. Take a listen to this soundbite from the founder of The Green Restaurant Association, Michael Oshman, and check out the full episode of “The Cluey Podcast” at the link in our bio or wherever you get your podcasts. 

#sustainablerestaurant #greenrestaurant #ecofriendlydining #restaurantweek #consciousconsumer #clueyconsumer #diningout #greendining #sustainabledining
Happy #WorldBeeDay 🐝

We had an INCREDIBLY eye-opening 👀 conversation with @whitneyfrancesfalk, founder of furniture rental and sale company, @zzdriggs — Whitney and her team are on a mission to help us unlearn our reliance on fast, mass-produced furniture, and instead focus on high quality, long lasting pieces that are better for our homes, our health, the people who design and create them, and of course, the planet. 💚 Check out some of the mic dropping sound bites from this episode on topics like off gassing, timber use by the industry, and more in our story highlights and catch the full episode wherever you get your podcasts. 🛋️🪑🪞

#impactfulcompany #ethicalbrand #sustainablebrand #sustainablefurniture #saynotofastfurniture #frms #offgassing #vocs #recycledfurniture

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