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When it comes to April 1st.. some brands celebrate more than others. One in particular is outdoor cooler and drinkware company @yeti — Over the years, Yeti has taken to its YouTube channel to introduce a few new products that are total parodies but are delivered with the deadpan seriousness and award-winning documentary style production to just maybe convince you that they’re for real. Some of the funniest have included a scooter meant for off-roading (“the falcon”), the yeti casket (“spend eternity in your yeti”), and elk milk as a partnership with former NFL player Jordan Shipley (“MELK”). You can find all three parody product release videos on yeti’s YouTube account, and don’t forget to check out Yeti’s impact on people and the planet at clueyconsumer.com 

Happy April Fools! 🥸

#aprilfools #yeti #jordanshipley
🎙On the latest episode of The Cluey Podcast, we sit down with @goodonyou_app cofounder, Sandra Capponi, to discuss how fashion can have a sustainable future. Good On You is the most comprehensive and widely trusted brand rating system for fashion, and if you caught our announcement earlier today, we’ve recently partnered with them to leverage their robust and reliable data into Cluey’s database of brands, specifically in fashion. 👗👠👚🤝

Sandra discusses the entire end to end ecosystem in terms of how we can all play a role in making fashion have a brighter future for people and the planet. In this clip, she discusses what we can do as individual consumers, but catch the full episode wherever you get your podcasts (or at the link in our bio) to hear her take on the broader industry. 💫

#fashion #apparel #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #consciousconsumer #clueyconsumer #goodonyou
For the overachievers who could use a friendly reminder that #springcleaning doesn't need to happen in one weekend. ❤️ -- We've even included a whole day dedicated to bringing your items to the tailor/thrift store in order to give them a second life! 

#declutter #declutterchallenge
Time to review another top-rated brand on Cluey. This time, 🌶️ we’re getting our taste buds involved to review three hot sauces from @smallaxepeppers — if you haven’t yet listened to our latest 🎙podcast episode where we interview one of the founders from Small Axe Peppers, you absolutely have to check it out to hear how they came up with the idea to build a hot sauce brand that sources it’s peppers from community gardens across America, providing a source of revenue to a vital source of hope in many neighborhoods - the community garden 🪴. 

We’re reviewing products from our “top-rated” brands list so you can know before you buy. Brands that make it onto our top-rated list score highest on our A-F ratings scale for their impacts on both people and the planet 🌎— sounds like Mike from our team is giving Small Axe Peppers two thumbs up 👍 👍🌶️🌶️

#communitygarden #urbanfarming #hotsauce #ethicalbrand #sustainablymade #consciousconsumer #habaneropeppers #habanerosauce
Have you heard the story of @smallaxepeppers ? 🌶️ 

It’s an amazing hot sauce brand that does more than deliver delicious flavor… Small Axe Peppers sources it’s peppers 🌶️ from community gardens around the US. Providing a huge impact and source of revenue for these beacons of hope in neighborhoods around the country. Check out this snippet from our latest episode of the Cluey podcast 🎙 where we sit down with Small Axe Peppers cofounder and COO, Dan Fitzgerald to discuss the importance of knowing the impact of where your food comes from. We talk about the example of Small Axe Peppers, but Dan also shares his tips on other ways he likes to be mindful when shopping for food as a consumer. Check it out at the link in our bio or wherever you get your podcasts. 

#podcast #impactfulbusiness #communitygarden #communitygardens #communitygardening #urbanfarming #wheredoesyourfoodcomefrom #consciousconsumer #clueyconsumer #smallaxepeppers #ethicalbrand #sustainablebrand #hotsauce #hotsauces #habanerosauce
🍳Did you know that all cooking creates some form of air pollution in your home? This past December, a new report correlating an increased chance for respiratory illnesses specifically to the use of gas stoves came to light (on top of previous research in the same vein) as a regulatory official at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) floated the idea of phasing out the use of gas stoves in American homes. This created quite a stir among some lawmakers and other folks who want to keep consumer choice for how they choose to cook in their homes out of reach from any government regulation. Since then, both the White House and the CPSC clarified that they were not considering a ban on gas stoves, but would continue to look into their impacts on respiratory health. Meanwhile, countless consumers are now concerned about air pollution in their home if they have a gas appliance.

🎙 On the latest Cluey podcast, we sat down with Dr. Kelsey Bilsback, who is the Senior Scientist at PSE Healthy Energy… PSE Helthy Energy, also known as Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers (PSE) for Healthy Energy is a multidisciplinary, nonprofit research institute that studies the way energy production and use impact public health, climate and the environment. PSE is listed as a trusted resource by the Nobel Prize winning Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Maryland Environmental Health Network. In addition to being PSE’s senior scientist, Dr. Kelsey Bilsback was an author on a recent PSE study that found gas leaks from stoves in California can reach hazardous levels for various toxins including ones like Benzene and others. She has spent the vast majority of her career studying how everyday actions in the home can increase indoor air pollutants and respiratory irritants. Take a listen to what she has to say in this clip here, and don’t forget to check out the full podcast episode where she discusses her research, what consumers who have gas stoves should do, and other tips related to indoor air pollution.

#gasstoves #indoorairpollution #airpollution #respiratorydisease #consciousconsumer #inductionstoves #electricstoves #podcast
Real footage of us the Monday after springing forward ⏰ 😴 

📹 credit: @michaelboyyd 
#sleepyseal #springforward
#oscars #academyawards #newsyoucanuse #newsyoumayhavemissed #movies
🎥🎞🤩Have you noticed that some films and TV shows have started promoting the fact that their productions are free from single-use plastics on screen? Well there’s one organization in particular that is spearheading this shift in Hollywood… Habits of Waste (@howchangers) is a non-profit organization focused on finding solutions to shift habits of waste among mass society. And one of their campaigns, “Lights, Camera, Plastic” is all about working to remove single use plastic from on-screen tv shows and movies to help denormalize their use in everyday society. 

🎙 On the latest episode of The Cluey Podcast, we sat down with @howchangers founder, Sheila Morovati. Sheila has spearheaded multiple mass change movements around reducing waste including campaigning food delivery companies to make single use cutlery an opt-in feature globally, reducing tons of avoidable waste. 

Inspired by Hollywood’s shift away from using cigarettes on screen after the health risks of smoking became widely known, the #lightscameraplastic campaign looks to emulate something similar with plastic. So if you’re a movie buff, 🎥 🍿 or just a casual tv watcher 📺, you can now be more aware about the use of everyday items on screen that perpetuate our plastic addiction. Check out this clip from our latest episode, plus so much more that we discuss with Sheila at the link in our bio for the full episode or wherever you get your podcasts. 

#plasticfree #plasticwaste #podcast #changemaker #agentofchange #impactfulchange #impactfulleaders #impactfulwomen

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