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Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental Defense Fund
National Christmas Tree Association

Let’s talk 🎄🎄🎄 — we break down the environmental impacts and most sustainable actions to take whether you have a fake tree, a real tree, or the new trend of renting a live tree. Check it out and share any more sustainable decorating tips in the comments below 👇 

#christmastree #christmastreedecorating #sustainability #sustainablechristmas #sustainableholidays
Happy #SmallBusinessSaturday !!! Tag a small business you love in the comments below 👇 

We love finding great tools for our sustainability toolkit. Check out the guestimator at savethefood.com as you’re prepping your Thanksgiving meal (source for food waste stat: ReFed). #thanksgiving #foodwaste #sustainability #sustainableliving #sustainabletips #consciousconsumer
We were quoted in this article about the ongoing debate about laundry pods and detergent sheets that have been promoted as a more sustainable alternative to status quo detergents. Check the link in our bio to read more, and to get our full recommendation, read our latest blog post at ClueyConsumer.com 

#blueland #podsareplastic #sustainablebrand #consciousconsumer
This week’s consumer news (post 4 of 4): 🗞 

U.S. Justice Department opens antitrust investigation into Ticketmaster’s parent, Live Nation. Concerns over monopolistic practices brought to light this week after Taylor Swift tickets overwhelmed the site.

Head to the link in our bio for this developing story and others. 

#taylorswift #ticketmaster #usdoj #monopoly #antitrust
This week’s consumer news (post 3 of 4): 🗞 

After Musk’s return to work ultimatum to Twitter employees, data shows more than 1000 employees seem to have resigned Thursday. Concerns over platform stability increase with #RIPTwitter trending.

Head to the link in our bio to learn more about this and other big news stories this week. 

#twitter #elonmusk
This week’s consumer news (post 2 of 4): 🗞 

Beer brand, BrewDog launches “anti sponsorship” campaign of FIFA World Cup over concerns of host nation, Qatar. Commits % of sales to fight human rights abuse. Some critics point out that BrewDog still makes revenue from beer sales in the country of Qatar.

Head to the link in our bio for more on this story and other big consumer news this week. 

#newsyoumighthavemissed #fifaworldcup #worldcup #brewdog #qatar #consciousconsumer #beerbrands
This week’s consumer news (1 of 4 posts): 🗞 

Sustainable laundry brand, Blueland, launches campaign calling out greenwashing in laundry and dishwasher pod products. Claims they don’t actually dissolve, adding to plastic pollution in waterways. Petitions EPA to investigate.

Head to the link in our bio as we break down this story, and our recommendations. 

#podsareplastic #blueland @blueland #laundrypods #sustianablebrand #plasticpollution #saveouroceans #consciousconsumer
Planning a wedding? Adding to your registry? 💕

2022 has proven to be the largest year for weddings in recent history, with a record 2.6 million weddings occurring, according to wedding website, The Knot. The floodgates are officially back open, made up of a combination from delayed engagements plus regular wedding demand. And the most popular time in 2022 for weddings? The fall. Plus, there seems to be no signs of slowing as Axios reported that this increased demand will continue to trend well into 2023. 💍 

For many newlyweds, getting married can come with the added bonus of getting a little help from loved ones on setting up their home and life after saying “i do.” 🥰

For the items you need to set up your life together, consider the brand you select by researching them or looking them up on Cluey. We’ve even searched the main registry sites like Zola, which can offer lucrative post-wedding discounts on everyday items, and we put together a list of 12 top rated brands on Cluey that you can find on @zola . 💻 

Check them out at the link in our bio!