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Happy #WorldWetlandsDay from your friends at Cluey! 🐊 While we aim to serve consumers around the globe, as a Louisiana based company, we know a thing or two about wetlands and how absolutely vital they are to our planet. 🌎 

As part of Cluey's efforts to live our values and make an impact right in our backyard, we will be volunteering this weekend with the Jefferson Parish Ecosystem and Coastal Management Dept. to put old Christmas trees in the marsh to help with coastal restoration in Southeast Louisiana. The event is this Saturday, from 8:30am-12:30pm in Lafitte, LA. We are organizing a ‘friends of Cluey’ group to help out! DM us if you’re local and want to partake. We can coordinate rides and signing you up. 

If you’re not local, keep following along and share our work with friends to find new and exciting ways to make a greater impact on people and the planet in your everyday life! ❤️

Repost: @visitneworleans
🎙On the latest episode of the Cluey podcast, we spoke with @plaineproducts founder, @lindsey_d_mccoy to discuss how we can move towards a more circular economy with our personal care products. 🧴Plaine Products ships consumers their products (like shampoo and conditioner) in aluminum bottles that are sent back via a free shipping label when you order new bottles, cleaned, and reused in their supply chain. 🟢 Lindsey tells us what inspired her to start this business and the impact it’s had on diverting plastic waste. Check out this clip to hear her thoughts on the importance of circularity for our future and don’t miss the full episode where ever you get your podcasts. 🛁🙌

#podcast #circulareconomy #circularity #reusable #sustainableswaps #sustainability #sustainableliving #sustainablebrand #consciousconsumer
Wow 🤯 just wow. Now this is rad. Happy Monday everyone! 🎥 Credit: @mid_centurymillennial 

#consciousconsumer #plants
Here’s some good news 🗞 for your Friday! @bulleit is committing to improving tree equity in areas that need it most — starting with certain neighborhoods in Houston, TX that are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. They’re accomplishing this goal alongside their partner, @americanforests … Psst!! Did you know that Bulleit is also a ‘top rated brand’ on our database of thousands of everyday consumer brands, meaning they score a B- or higher on their impacts on people and the planet. Check them out and other brands by searching for them at clueyconsumer.com 

#bulleit #bulleitbourbon #consciousconsumer #treeequity #reforestation
On this edition of news 🗞 consumer ms should know, you can participate in this class action lawsuit settlement if you purchased thinx underwear between 11/12/2016 and 11/28/2022 🩸 

#thinx #thinxunderwear #classactionlawsuit #classactionsettlement #foreverchemicals #pfas #periodpanties #periodunderwear #consciousconsumer
On episode 2 of the Cluey podcast, we get into the nitty gritty on what’s really in our drinking water 💧 and what are the right steps we can take as consumers to ensure the water we drink is safe for us and our loved ones. We turned to our favorite expert on the topic, the @waterfilterguru , Brian Campbell. In this clip from the show, Brian shares an exciting glimmer of hope in the world of drinking water that will hopefully someday soon remove the burden from individual consumers. Clean water might have been something most Americans previously took for granted, but with today’s aging and outdated public water infrastructure and the almost constant barrage of headlines about forever chemicals making their way into public and private water supplies in over 2000 locations in all 50 states, 🤯this is a topic that has caught the attention of just about everyone. Brian and his team have dedicated their careers to finding the best information out there on this topic, and their work is nothing short of incredible. Check out more about the @waterfilterguru on their website at waterfilterguru.com and make sure to catch the whole podcast where we discuss water quality testing at home, buying the right treatment and filtration products based on your circumstances, and much more wherever you get your podcasts. 

#waterfilter #walterfiltration #cleanwater #drinkingwater #contaminatedwater #foreverchemicals #PFAS #watertreatment #consciousconsumer #safetodrink #podcast
Are you ready to catch the upcoming comet 💫 ☄️?

@nytimes reports: “A green-hued comet from the outer solar system is set to swing through Earth’s neighborhood in the coming days for the first time in 50,000 years.

The comet has been steadily gaining brightness and will make its closest approach on Feb. 2, when it comes within 26.4 million miles of the planet — 110 times the distance to the moon. From the Northern Hemisphere, the comet is likely to be faintly visible to the naked eye.”

Video cred: @astrokobi
Our weekend cleaning ritual got a little more sustainable thanks to @whogivesacraptp Check out their version of the #swedishdishcloth aka their “dreamcloths” as an alternative to paper towels. Saves you money, reduces waste. Win for you ✅ win for Mother Earth ✅🌎
Kate Jakubas, founder of @melioracleaningproducts,  a single-use-plastic-free laundry and cleaning brand, discusses her take on the recent #podsareplastic campaign launched by another plastic-free laundry brand in the space: @blueland. Essentially, the pods and sheets that are marketed by some brands as sustainable alternatives to the standard jug are potentially missing the mark with their PVA membranes and coating, which are intended to be fully water soluble and biodegradable in waste water treatment plants. Recent research released in Blueland’s #podsareplastic campaign indicates this may not actually be the case, and is petitioning the @epagov to investigate PVA further (they currently have the compound listed as a ‘safer choice’ labeled ingredient). What do you think about the debate raging in laundry right now? Tell us in the comments below 👇 and catch the full podcast where we discuss all the details in a bite-size 20 minute episode with Meliora’s founder at the link in bio or wherever you get your podcasts. #TheClueyPodcast 

#pva #pvoh #plasticfree #plasticpollution #sustainability #sustainablebrand #consciousconsumer
🥁 drumroll…. For episode 1 of the Cluey podcast… where we get you Cluey’d in on a hot topic or top brand. This week’s episode: How Sustainable is your “Sustainable” laundry brand really? 🧺 🧼 Want to know who our guest is and what she had to say on this topic? Head to the link in bio for the full episode! 

#consciousconsumer #consciousconsumerpodcast #podcast #sustainability #podsareplastic
We’re back with our interesting brand facts! A semi-irregular-weekly dose of weird, wild, or just super random brand facts that may just help you win your next trivia night 🧠. Did you know that crayons 🖍 from crayola brand aren’t technically vegan? Let us know what you think in the comments 👇 and share and save this brand fact! Source: @greenmatters 

#vegankids #veganproducts #crayola #crayons #consciousconsumer