The Ultimate Conscious Consumer Gift Guide

By Maryclaire Manard

Why Cluey’s Gift Guides?

We’ve not only scoured the world of reviews and comments to find the most effective and loved gifts, but the brands we selected are also backed by our data-powered insights to determine a brand’s impact on both people (customers, workers, and suppliers) and the planet (animals, ecosystems, and habitats). So you can get that special someone something you know they’ll love and something you can feel good about buying too.

For each gift, we tell you a little bit about that brand’s particular impact, and the impact of your purchase, and we also tell you a bit more about why it’s a great gift too!

Go to the “About us” section on our site to learn more about our ratings and data, but if you’re ready to dive in to the best holiday gift guides for conscious consumers, let’s go!

For the Baker

For your Four-Legged Friend

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

For the Percolator

Stocking Stuffers

Everyday Favorites

Check back later today when this gift guide will be posted! Brands in this gift guide: Nisolo (boots, mid-top sneakers, and dopp kit), Cotopaxi (windbreaker), United By Blue (bucket hat), Paka (joggers), Kokolu (matching sweats), Ettitude (PJs)

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