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The “top rated” brands on our platform get that distinction because of the thousands of brands we have rated for impacts on people and the planet, only some make it past our highest threshold. That is, brands that score a minimum of B- on both their impacts on people (customers, workers, suppliers, communities) and the planet (resources, ecosystems, and habitats).

But do these top rated brands actually make good and useful products? Well we’re putting that to the test with our latest “Cluey reviews” series, where members of our team pressure test these top-rated brands in real life.

Check out this latest review from two of our four-legged team members, Willow and Mookie.

Meet the reviewers from the Cluey team

Willow is based in Los Angeles, and her human is Mike Maley, Cluey’s director of content strategy. Willow is a 2.5 year-old, cattle-pit mix with GREAT energy, and she is a serious chewer. Mookie is based in New Orleans, and his human is Maryclaire Manard, Cluey’s CEO and founder. Mookie is a 3.5 month-old, labrador retriever, and while he still has his baby teeth, it’s clear from some early incidents that he is well on his way to be a very intense chewer as well. They have quite a lot to share in their reviews below.

Brand: West Paw

About West Paw

West Paw is a widely accessible dog toy, accessory, and treat brand, being sold across most major pet retailers in the U.S. Their product line include chew toys, stuff-able puzzle toys, leashes, collars, accessories, and even treats. Providing a competitive product in almost every category to the market leader in dog toys/accessories, Kong.

West Paw’s Impact

 Better for people:  A B-Corp headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, West Paw cares deeply about the community it operates in – both people & pets. All West Paw employees are paid to spend time volunteering where they live, often upkeeping the West Paw-funded off-leash Story Mill Community Dog Park. 

 Better for the planet: West Paw is committed to decreasing its environmental footprint (& pawprint) while increasing its positive impact by manufacturing every product with safe & sustainable materials. For dog treats, this means humanely raised beef & ducks. For toys, this means using material that is 100% recyclable like all Seaflex products, and that all Zogolfex toys, after your pup is done with them, can be mailed back to West Paw headquarters to be sanitized, ground up, and fed back into the manufacturing process to create a totally new toy. Additionally, all leashes & collars are made out of eco-friendly webbing derived from recycled plastic bottles. 

Product Reviews


Reviewed by: Willow

Verdict: Four Paws Up – A certifiable frisbee enthusiast, Willow has gone through about a dozen frisbees before we tried West Paw. Tough enough for her powerful tug-of-war skills and light enough to catch, we’ll be using the Zisc going forward!

About this product: This lightweight frisbee comes in two sizes and 4 colors, so you can find the perfect match for your pup. Dishwasher safe and non-toxic, you can even flip the Zisc over to use as a water or food bowl. The Zisc is made out of zero-waste and recyclable material, and it flies far and fast.

Bonus: Check out this video of Willow in action with the West Paw Zisc


Reviewed by: Willow and Mookie

Verdict: Three Paws Up – The toy holds up great during tug of war. But it’s worth noting, the toy is for moderate chewers. Willow is a more serious chewer, and as a result microscopic pieces of the toy started to flake off. It’s a sturdy toy and holds up better than a lot of chew toys from Willow’s past, but I’d recommend the toy as perfect for moderate or gentle chewers. For Mookie, the toy is perfect, given he still has his baby teeth. However, the size of the toy is a bit too large for a puppy, making it difficult for him to carry.

About this product: The Snorkl is a chew toy perfect for dogs who love chewing and tug-of-war. Snorkl’s unique shape makes it really fun to play with, and the color and ocean-inspired texture help it stand out. Non-toxic and made partly from recycled ocean-bound plastic, the Snorkl is a great recyclable dog toy.

Feeding Mat

Reviewed by: Mookie

Verdict: Four paws up – Candidly, this product was more a benefit for Mookie’s pawrents than it was for him. It reduced the amount of spills from his water bowl, reducing the need for constant cleaning, and it was helpful for Mookie as well to keep his food bowl from sliding as he excitedly inhales his kibble in less than a minute. Even Mookie’s grandma bought this product and loves it to keep her floors clean!

More about this product: Made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, this non-toxic, dishwasher safe feeding mat and bowl contain your furry friend’s messy eating. Thoughtfully designed with raised edges, this sleek-looking mat keeps messes and bowls in place. 


Reviewed by: Mookie

Verdict: Four paws up by Mookie, three paws up by his mom for a puzzle toy, four paws by his mom for a slow feeder – Arguably the most food-motivated dog on the planet, Mookie learned quickly that this purple egg-shaped toy was the secret to his success. Because Mookie has zero control on the speed at which he inhales his meals, this is a great option to put his food in as a slow feeding device. His mom would point out that it is more of a slow feeder than a puzzle toy however because the holes in the Rumbl are large enough that they release a good amount food at a time, compared to the stuff-able market leading Kong counterparts that have smaller holes, providing a longer-lasting distraction for your pup. We should note however, that West Paw does provide puzzle toys with smaller openings for freezing or stuffing treats for longer play.

More about this product: Dishwasher safe, floats, and is BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant, this puzzle toy’s unique “fish trap” opening makes for easy loading, yet keeps dry food inside. Superior durability and hollow construction make this puzzle toy’s springy material perfect for big chewers.

Freeze-dried treats

Reviewed by: Willow and Mookie

Verdict: Four paws up – Normally a very picky dog, Willow was all over these. Mookie, while he ate them like he eats just about anything else (edible or non-edible), was not as enthused on these as some of his other treats, but again, if it’s made of matter, he’ll eat it.

More about this product: West Paw treats are made from antibiotic & hormone-free beef and duck. The beef used in freeze-dried beef treats is made with American Grassfed beef, which guarantees that 100% of cows are fed grass-fed diets (no grain finishing), free-range grazing on pastures (not feedlots) and are born and raised on American family farms. Freeze-dried duck treats come from Maple Leaf Farms, where ducks are raised cage-free and vegetarian-fed on family farms across Indiana. Simply put, West Paw treats avoids those questionable ingredients often found in their mainstream counterparts.

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