Why You Should Care About a Brand’s Parent Company

By The Cluey Team

If you’ve watched our latest reel on Instagram, titled “Why You Should Care About a Brand’s Parent Company” — and you want to know more about the example we used with Johnson & Johnson, you can find all resources linked below.

To view the Cluey scores of some of the brands mentioned in our latest Instagram Reel, you can visit them here:

To view the highest controversial issues contributing to Johnson & Johnson’s brand scores, you can view them under “controversy ratings” here

To view the news stories on Johnson & Johnson’s consumer incident issues related to health and safety, and marketing.. you can view them here:

(1) Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its baby powder (Reuters)

(2) Will J&J Be Able to “Texas Two-Step” It’s Way Out of Talc Liabilities? (Top Class Actions)

(3) Big 3 U.S. drug distributors, Johnson & Johnson reach landmark $26 billion opioid settlement (CNBC)

(4) FDA Withheld Information About the Safety Risks of Aveeno and Neutrogena Sunscreens Contaminated With Benzene – Johnson & Johnson, which makes the products, said last summer that they posed no health threat. An FDA assessment, not made public until now, said otherwise (Consumer Reports)

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