Gift Guide: For the Outdoor Enthusiast 🏕️

By Maryclaire Manard

For the person who would choose to live outdoors full time if they could. We’ve got the best of the best essentials covered for the hikers to the park chillers.

Gift 1: Daypack from Cotopaxi

Brand: Cotopaxi

Impact: Cotopaxi’s logo, “Gear for Good” speaks to their mission to leverage their outdoor products business as a vehicle to “improving the human condition.” For Cotopaxi, this means deploying 1% of their revenues through the Cotopaxi Foundation which distributes grants to humanitarian organizations in the Americas that combat issues of poverty, specifically focused on healthcare, education, and livelihood. They’re also B-Corp Certified, Climate Neutral Certified, and a member of 1% for the planet. See Cotopaxi on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Cotopaxi’s backpacks can cover a range of activities from hiking to travel to commuting. The Batac series (16L and 24L packs) are great for hikes, and every pack in the series is one of a kind and a unique color scheme. The quality of these packs are made to last, with both a lifetime guarantee and repairs. If you’re not sure which pack suits your lifestyle best you can take their pack finder quiz (click here).

Price: $80.00

Other gifts from Cotopaxi:

Cielo Rain Jacket – Men’s

Trico Hybrid Jacket – Women’s

Gift 2: CHAMP Portable Charger from Nimble

Brand: Nimble

Impact: From chargers to cables to adaptors to accessories, Nimble believes that personal tech products can be made better for the planet. To accomplish this mission they use 7 different types of recycled materials in their products, they have plastic-free packaging, and they reduce electronic waste by making lasting products and offering customers free e-waste recycling, having diverted over 200k lbs of waste from landfills and aquatic ecosystems to date. See Nimble on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: With 72% of this product being made from recycled plastics, it might come as a shock how effective this portable charger is: Up to three days of charging power, able to get to 80% charged after just 30 minutes, able to charge 2 devices at once, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and TSA-approved. This portable charger is perfect for the outdoors lover who wants to keep their devices charged and ready to snap the next wow-worthy pic.

Price: $29.99

Gift 3: Mineral Reef Safe Sunscreen from Babo Botanicals

Brand: Babo Botanicals

Impact: Babo’s founder, a mom of three, began her career formulating skincare products for big names like L’Oreal, but decided to build her own brand based on the principles of natural ingredients, plant-based and cruelty-free practices, and promoting sustainable agriculture. In addition to the brand being both B-Corp certified and Leaping Bunny certified, many of Babo’s sunscreen products are also reef safe (Hawaii compliant), ensuring minimal impact when you’re having fun in the sun. See Babo on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: If your outdoor adventures are taking you near the ocean and sea life, then this product in Babo’s line of sunscreens is a great choice for your sun protection as it is Hawaii Compliant and free of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate. Not to mention, Babo’s formulated sunscreens are sensitive and fragrance free so the whole family can use it. If you’re not water-bound, check out some of the other daily sun-care products from Babo.

Price: $34.00

Other gifts from Babo Botanicals:

Super Shield Sport Stick

Gift 4: Sunglasses from Warby Parker

Brand: Warby Parker

Impact: A certified B-Corp headquartered in New York City, Warby Parker believes that everyone has the right to see and aims to reduce the number of people around the world who need glasses but don’t have access – currently 2.5 billion people (with 624 million having such a severe impairment that they cannot learn or work). With their ‘buy a pair, give a pair’ program, Warby Parker has partnered with nonprofit VisionSpring to distribute over 10 million pairs of glasses to date to those in need. This is in addition to their mission of operating responsibly for their customers, workers, suppliers, and the planet. See Warby Parker on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Warby Parker has the sleek look and feel of $300-$400 designer shades at half the price. This is in part due to their streamlined supply chain practices. This pair in particular is polarized for those sunny days and snow glare, but WP has hundreds of styles you can shop.

Price: $145.00

Gift 5: Fleece Pullover from Patagonia

Brand: Patagonia

Impact: As an outdoor clothing and gear company, protecting the outdoors is paramount to Patagonia — so much so that it’s hard to pinpoint what Patagonia doesn’t do when it comes to trying to improve their impact on the planet. To start, they historically have given away profits to efforts that combat climate change (and will continue in the future given the new ownership structure). Whether through the 1% for the planet pledge of which they’re a member, or whether it’s through their Patagonia Action Works program that helps to connect people to local environmental action groups in their community. They also take a leadership role in setting an example for other companies when it comes to things like taking a stand on issues relevant to the protection of the planet, as well as through business impact communities like B Corp Certified, and the Rainforest Alliance Network. Bonus: Read Chouinard’s letter announcing that he is giving away the company titled “Earth is now our only Shareholder.”

What’s great about this gift: This style is a classic for Patagonia, but the pattern is fun and colorful!

Price: $129

Gift 6: The Utensil Kit from United By Blue

Brand: United By Blue

Impact: For every product purchased, UBB removes a pound of trash from waterways, having already removed over 4 MILLION pounds of trash. But beyond offsetting purchases with trash cleanup, UBB also aims to make their products as sustainably and ethically as possible, using nontoxic, regenerative fibers that keep harmful pesticides out of the environment, to recycled fabrics that put existing trash to good use. They similarly aim to partner with suppliers who meet the highest social and environmental standards. Not to mention, they’re B Corp Certified and Climate Neutral Certified.

What’s great about this gift: The Utensil Kit is dishwasher safe and portable, containing two stainless steel straws, silicone bendy tips, straw cleaning brush, stainless steel spork, and a pair of stainless steel chopsticks – all wrapped up in a protective carrying case made from recycled plastic. Perfect for a meal outdoors! Plus, with a huge sale going on, this kit is a steal and could be a great stocking stuffer.

Price: $9.00

Gift 7: Solo Backpacker Water Filtering Kit from CNOC

Brand: CNOC Outdoors

Impact: A sustainably minded outdoor products brand both in terms of their eco and social impacts, CNOC is on a mission to remake the more technical side of the outdoor gear space.. aka products that everyone wants but hardly anyone makes (think water filters and trekking poles). CNOC not only operates in a manner similar to the other outdoor impact brand heavy hitters like Patagonia and Cotopaxi, but they also give back financially to environmental conservation and inclusivity in the outdoors. See CNOC on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Optimal for backpackers who might find themselves without access to filtered water for a few days. Meant for easy water collection and filtering through the HydroBlu VersaFlow in to a single 1L Vesica. With only 3 parts, this system allows for up to 3 liters of water carry.

Price: $48.99

Gift 8: The Signature Hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Brand: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Impact: Each individual Yellow Leaf hammock is handwoven with the utmost precision and care by the expert craftswomen of the Mlabri Tribe – “the people of the yellow leaves” – in the hills of Northern Thailand. Across three weaving communities, Yellow Leaf is working to create jobs for mothers and build a foundation for positive community transformation. 

What’s great about this gift: This bestselling hammock is made of materials durable enough to withstand the outdoors. Plus, it comes in a Hammock Tote, perfect for easy storage and travel, and it includes a Hammocking 101 Guide to help get you hanging in no time.

Price: $199.00

Gift 9: The 32oz Stein Bottle from Healthy Human

Brand: Healthy Human

Impact: For every Healthy Human Stein or Cruiser you buy, you’ll Recover and Recycle 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of plastic, the equivalent of 80 plastic bottles. Additionally, through their Give Back 1% for Humans program, Healthy Human donates one percent of its total U.S. sales revenue to environmental and social impact causes that make a strong difference.

What’s great about this gift: This stein is perfect for longer adventures. With the ability to keep hot liquids hot for 12 hours and cold liquids cold for 24 hours, your hydration will be impervious to the outdoor elements. Plus, it’s currently over 50% off, typically costing ~$40.

Price: $19.50

Enjoy this gift guide, and check out our other gift guides here!

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