Top Rated Ethical & Sustainable Brands with Holiday Sales Right Now

By Mike Maley

The #1 most sustainable thing you can buy on Black Friday? Nothing. If you’re still hoping to knock out holiday shopping this weekend however, and you want to take advantage of deals, we’ve got you covered with the #2 most sustainable option.

We’ve rounded up the top rated brands on Cluey right now with holiday sales. The following brands score highest on Cluey’s database of over 6000+ brands. In order to make it on this list, brands must achieve a minimum of a B- score on both their People Impact rating and their Planet Impact rating. 

Retailers (in-store, online, and regional) 🛒

Apparel, Shoes, & Accessories 👕

Home Goods and Bedding 🛏️

Consumer Electronics 🎧

Baby 🍼

Pets 🐾

Travel transportation, hospitality, & rentals ✈️

Kitchenware, Storage, Appliances, Tableware, & Cookware 🍽️

Grocery 🥬

Healthcare Supplements, Vitamins, & Minerals 💊

Personal Care, Hygiene, & Beauty 🛀

Household Cleaning, Storage & Laundry 🧽

Entertainment & Dining Out 🍿

Other (office, hobbies, miscellaneous) 📝 ♟️ 🎹

Our final tip before leaving you to scour these deals: To determine if the deal is truly worth considering, plug it into this Black Friday Calculator.

Stay tuned for more gifting tips and gift guides from Cluey!

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