9 Things to Do this Black Friday Besides Black Friday

By Mike Maley The most sustainable thing to buy this Black Friday? Nothing. The National Retail Federation reports that 166 million shoppers plan to participate in buying on Black Friday this year, and MarketWatch cites that more than 80% of purchases made on Black Friday ends up in landfills. Ooph.. that’s a tough stat to […]

This Week’s Consumer News: Are Laundry Pods Greenwashing you? Brands Protest World Cup. Ticketmaster Investigation. And what is happening at Twitter?

By Maryclaire Manard It’s been quite the week in the world of news consumers should know. We break down the four biggest stories. Story 1: Are Laundry Pods Polluting our Waterways? This week, Blueland, a brand that makes sustainable cleaning products, launched a marketing campaign alongside a commissioned research report and a petition to the […]


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