12 Top-Rated Brands You Can Find on Zola

By Maryclaire Manard Following almost two years of postponed nuptials, 2022 has proven to be the largest year for weddings in recent history, with a record 2.6 million weddings occurring, according to wedding website, The Knot. The floodgates are officially back open, made up of a combination from delayed engagements plus regular wedding demand. And […]

Do you know the political impacts of your Halloween candy?

By Cluey Team It’s easy to forget about the political impacts of our consumer spending when we’re focused on the individual races in the heat of a federal election cycle, but consider this: there are currently twelve members of Congress who have been serving in office for over 36 years. Meaning, political contributions from corporations today have impacts that […]

Where Conscious Consumers with Different Political Beliefs have Common Ground

By Mike Maley Leading up to the 2022 midterm elections in the United States, Americans feel stronger than ever that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are in conflict with each other. On many issues and for many people, this is certainly the case. But what about for conscious consumers in America with different political views? Do they share […]

Is Your Trick-Or-Treating Ready for a Glow Up? Try These Top Rated Brands

By Cluey Team Try these top-rated brands for a Trick-or-Treat glow up Whether you’re concerned about buying treats for your trick or treaters or party guests that are better for their health, the planet, or for the people who made them, check out these top rated* options for brands offering bite-size alternatives to the mainstream […]

Thanks for Helping Us Support Teachers!

By Maryclaire Manard Thanks for Sharing Cluey with your Friends — Because of Your Support, We Funded Three Classroom Projects Around the Country! Last month, we celebrated back-to-school Cluey style by sharing the top rated brand for people and planet impact to cover all of your back to school or back to the office needs. […]

Labor Day: 10 Facts About American Workers Today

By Maryclaire Manard Most people today don’t stop to consider the origins of Labor Day in America. They usually see it as an extra day off, the unofficial last weekend of summer before a school year, or a time to take advantage of deals for big ticket items. The origins of Labor Day, however, come […]

Made in America – What Does it Actually Mean?

By Cluey Team When you look at the tag or fine print on your product and see, “Made in…” what comes to mind? Your answer may depend on the country of origin, but when you see a product claiming “Made in U.S.A.” you may feel good knowing the product you bought is supporting American jobs, […]

Swap Out this Brand for Food Storage

By The Cluey Team Food waste alone causes enough problems, but storing it also requires some conscious consumption. Here’s a small but impactful swap you might consider: Suggested Brand: Bee’s Wrap Better for people: A B-Corp headquartered in Vermont, Bee’s Wrap has been awarded Green America’s ‘People and Planet Award’, recognizing Bee’s Wrap as an outstanding […]

How to Buy Fair Trade & What is it?

By Maryclaire Manard What is Fair Trade and why is it important? Do you know what “Fair Trade” means, and its importance? When a brand promotes their product as being “Fair Trade” it means they sourced the materials to make that product from emerging markets (this could be developing nations in places like South America, […]


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