Thanks for Helping Us Support Teachers!

By Maryclaire Manard

Thanks for Sharing Cluey with your Friends — Because of Your Support, We Funded Three Classroom Projects Around the Country!

Last month, we celebrated back-to-school Cluey style by sharing the top rated brand for people and planet impact to cover all of your back to school or back to the office needs.

As part of our back-to-school campaign, we pledged to donate $1 to fund an underfunded public school teacher’s classroom project via for every re-share of our back-to-school instagram post or forward of our back-to-school email campaign. Donors Choose is a platform that matches school teachers’ classroom funding needs to donors around the world.

I’m proud to share that with the support of Cluey consumers, like you, we were able to take part in funding not one, but THREE classroom projects!My image alt text

Below are the details on the classroom projects we funded:

Anchorage, Alaska: Ms. Joyelle’s Classroom fund at Dr. Etheldra Davis Fairview Elementary School

This project supported the communication needs of special education students in Pre-K through 2nd grades by providing them with high tech AAC devices like iPads. Overall, this project is expected to impact 30 students, nearly all of whom come from lower income households.

Apollo Beach , Florida: Ms. Snell’s Classroom fund at Dorothy C. York Innovation Academy

This project funded the materials to create an in-classroom rewards storefront for recognizing positive behavior from students during the school year. This project will impact 36 students and at this school, more than 50% of students are Black, Latino, and/or Native American, and more than 50% come from low-income households.

Denton, Texas: Mrs. Eby’s Classroom fund at Ginnings Elementary School

This project supports literacy of 3rd through 5th grade students with library support materials and books from Scholastic Magazine and Book Club to update their current materials (dated from the 1970s!) This project will impact 25 students, many of whom are English language learners. Thank you again to all of our followers and subscribers for making this special back-to-school campaign have an extra impact! -Maryclaire and the Cluey team

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