Is Your Trick-Or-Treating Ready for a Glow Up? Try These Top Rated Brands

By Cluey Team

Try these top-rated brands for a Trick-or-Treat glow up

Whether you’re concerned about buying treats for your trick or treaters or party guests that are better for their health, the planet, or for the people who made them, check out these top rated* options for brands offering bite-size alternatives to the mainstream candy brands.

*Top-rated brands on Cluey are defined as scoring a B- or higher for impact on both people and the planet.

My image alt text

See Peaceful Fruits impacts on Cluey

Shop Peaceful FruitsMy image alt text

See Sun & Swell’s impact on Cluey

Shop Sun & SwellMy image alt text

See Tony’s impact on Cluey

Shop Tony’sMy image alt text

See Lake Champlain’s impact on Cluey

Shop Lake ChamplainMy image alt text

See TCHO’s impact on Cluey

Shop TCHOMy image alt text

See alter eco’s impact on Cluey

Shop alter eco

Happy haunting!

-The Cluey team


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