Top 500 Brands for People and the Planet on Cluey

By The Cluey Team You can search over 6,000 brands on Cluey and discover their impacts, but only 500 of them make it to the top. If you want to get straight to knowing all the brands that you can feel good about supporting, then this list is for you! From blue jeans to coffee beans, and […]

7 Day Countdown to the TOP Brands on Cluey

By Maryclaire Manard 7 Day Countdown to the TOP Brands on Cluey Did you know that at Cluey we have over 6,000 brands that you can search to discover their impacts to align your purchases with your values? Pretty cool, right? The only problem: sometimes you don’t have all the time in the world to […]

Why We’re Giving the Flush to Traditional TP

By Maryclaire Manard Let’s Talk Toilet Paper… Our latest recommended swap is one that is a small consumer change with the ability to make a huge impact. Did you know that 1 million trees are cut down EVERY DAY to make traditional, virgin tree pulp toilet paper? According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if every household in the […]

Which Bunny Should You Buy? Comparing the Biggest Cruelty-Free Certifications

By Bailey Chenevert We asked Cluey users about issues they care deeply about when purchasing from a brand, and the results were inspiring. The 167 responses we got featured many hot button issues, and the diversity of responses shows just how involved buying a product can be in the modern day. With so much to […]

Why We’re Backing this Amazon Alternative for Father’s Day

By Maryclaire Manard Father’s day is this coming Sunday, and you may still be looking for that perfect gift. We’ve got you covered. When consumers are in a pinch, Amazon is often the go-to quick fix. But if you’re even reading this in the first place, it’s likely because you’re the type of consumer who would prefer buying products […]

Transparency First: How Cluey Makes Money

By Maryclaire Manard But first, a refresher on why Cluey exists When I set out to build Cluey, I was driven by the knowledge that, collectively, consumer behavior had the potential to transform industries. Change doesn’t happen through individual action alone, of course, but time and time again throughout history we’ve seen the power of […]

How to pick a sunscreen that’s safe for you and the planet

By Maryclaire Manard When a consumer decision arises that creates a need to balance protecting ourselves and protecting the planet, the right choice might not be as obvious.  To see this dilemma play out, look no further than the tube of sunscreen you turn to this summer.  Over the last century, we’ve had a complicated relationship […]

The Fast Fashion Industry Has a New Target: Fast Home Goods

By Bailey Chenevert Same Problem, Different Name: From Fast Fashion to Fast Homeware The pandemic found many work-from-homers turning away from fashion microtrends and embracing a uniform of business casual top and pajama pants. The conversation around fast fashion got increasingly more common and critical, and the need to step out and dress up didn’t […]

Answer 3 Questions to Buy With Purpose

By The Cluey Team Let Cluey take one thing off your plate – ensuring the products in your home are aligned with your core values. Companies today make a lot of claims about their safety, sustainability, and impact. It’s hard to know what you can believe. Cluey helps to make sense of it all with real […]

3 Household Swaps that are Better for the Planet

By Maryclaire Manard 3 Household Swaps that are Better for the Planet The most sustainable thing you can do for the planet when it comes to the products in your home is to use up what you already have. Once you’ve done that, if you’re feeling bold enough and have the time, the second most […]


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