This Week’s Consumer News: Are Laundry Pods Greenwashing you? Brands Protest World Cup. Ticketmaster Investigation. And what is happening at Twitter?

By Maryclaire Manard It’s been quite the week in the world of news consumers should know. We break down the four biggest stories. Story 1: Are Laundry Pods Polluting our Waterways? This week, Blueland, a brand that makes sustainable cleaning products, launched a marketing campaign alongside a commissioned research report and a petition to the […]

The Fast Fashion Industry Has a New Target: Fast Home Goods

By Bailey Chenevert Same Problem, Different Name: From Fast Fashion to Fast Homeware The pandemic found many work-from-homers turning away from fashion microtrends and embracing a uniform of business casual top and pajama pants. The conversation around fast fashion got increasingly more common and critical, and the need to step out and dress up didn’t […]

Inequity in the Outdoors

By Bailey Chenevert What really happens when the government chooses to pave paradise and put up a parking lot? For marginalized communities, it means more health risks. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how access to public parks is disproportionate across the country. The people with the most access to green spaces are those in majority white, […]

Tis’ the Season… of Overconsumption: Part 3 – Christmas

By Bailey Chenevert Christmas: Presents over Presence? How does the conscious consumer navigate the holiday season, where the line between celebration and consumption is so blurred? This is the question that the Cluey blog endeavors to answer in a 3-part series concerning the holidays and overconsumption. Because even with today’s focus on ethical shopping and sustainable purchases, […]

Buying From These Brands Might Be Contributing to Amazon Rainforest Destruction

By The Cluey Team Stand.Earth compiled an extensive list of 103 consumer brands whose supply chains source from the Brazilian Cattle Industry – the largest contributor to destroying the Amazon. Below maps a few of those brands supply chains (click here to see full list mapped) and a full list of brands accountable. Odds that you own at […]


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