Where Conscious Consumers with Different Political Beliefs have Common Ground

By Mike Maley Leading up to the 2022 midterm elections in the United States, Americans feel stronger than ever that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are in conflict with each other. On many issues and for many people, this is certainly the case. But what about for conscious consumers in America with different political views? Do they share […]

Made in America – What Does it Actually Mean?

By Cluey Team When you look at the tag or fine print on your product and see, “Made in…” what comes to mind? Your answer may depend on the country of origin, but when you see a product claiming “Made in U.S.A.” you may feel good knowing the product you bought is supporting American jobs, […]

How to Buy Fair Trade & What is it?

By Maryclaire Manard What is Fair Trade and why is it important? Do you know what “Fair Trade” means, and its importance? When a brand promotes their product as being “Fair Trade” it means they sourced the materials to make that product from emerging markets (this could be developing nations in places like South America, […]

Which Bunny Should You Buy? Comparing the Biggest Cruelty-Free Certifications

By Bailey Chenevert We asked Cluey users about issues they care deeply about when purchasing from a brand, and the results were inspiring. The 167 responses we got featured many hot button issues, and the diversity of responses shows just how involved buying a product can be in the modern day. With so much to […]

Transparency First: How Cluey Makes Money

By Maryclaire Manard But first, a refresher on why Cluey exists When I set out to build Cluey, I was driven by the knowledge that, collectively, consumer behavior had the potential to transform industries. Change doesn’t happen through individual action alone, of course, but time and time again throughout history we’ve seen the power of […]

All You Need to Know About B Corporations

By Bailey Chenevert All You Need to Know about B Corporations Have you noticed the occasional ‘Certified B Corporation’ logo appearing on any of the products you buy? If you have, you’ve found a brand that aims to go above and beyond in their social and environmental impacts. While the world of product certifications and […]

Why You Should Care About a Brand’s Parent Company

By The Cluey Team If you’ve watched our latest reel on Instagram, titled “Why You Should Care About a Brand’s Parent Company” — and you want to know more about the example we used with Johnson & Johnson, you can find all resources linked below. To view the Cluey scores of some of the brands […]


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