Gift Guide: For the Percolator ☕

By Maryclaire Manard

For the person who cannot start their day, don’t even think about it, until they’ve had their morning cup.. or two. This gift guide is for them.

Gift 1: Coffee Tasting Class from Uncommon Goods

Brand: Uncommon Goods

Impact: Uncommon Goods is the ethical and sustainable marketplace for goods and experiences offered by independent businesses and artists. They specialize in unique gifts for everyone that encompass at least one element of their purpose, and they combine the convenience and selection of Amazon with the consciousness of a B-Corp certified brand. See Uncommon Goods’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey, and check out this blog post we previously wrote about their impact.

What’s great about this gift: Gifted experiences almost always tend to be more memorable, and this one is sure to be remembered by your coffee-loving-loved-one. Join professional roasters and brewers who will guide you to discover secrets to tasting and appraising coffee the way the experts do. You’ll be working with the Blind Taste Test Coffee Kit that comes with your purchase of this class: It includes five hand-selected coffees from around the world, sampling cups, tasting forms, and a detailed flavor wheel. If an experience is not your thing, that’s okay too, check out some of the other amazing coffee-specific gifts from Uncommon Goods below.

Price: $90.00

Other gifts from Uncommon Goods:

Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Gift 2: Recycled Stainless Steel Insulated Camp Mug (12 oz) from Klean Kanteen

Brand: Klean Kanteen

Impact: Klean Kanteen just so happens to be our #1 rated reusable water bottle brand on Cluey. There are a lot of reasons that Klean Kanteen is great. Here are some of them: Family & employee owned 🤝, B corp certified ✅, Climate neutral certified 💨, and 1% for the planet member 🌎. See Klean Kanteen’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Do you love your coffee on the go? Then this 12 oz mug is for you. Crafted from 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel, this camp mug comes with an ergonomic stainless steel handle, splash proof lid and award-winning Climate Lock™ vacuum insulation.Keep your drinks hot for up to 3.5 hours and iced for over 9 hours. Plus, Klean Kanteen donates 1% of sales to environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet. And if you buy through the link below, you’ll not only be supporting a great brand like Klean Kanteen, but you’ll also be buying it through a top-rated retailer on Cluey as well, Earth Hero!

Price: $24.95

Gift 3: Potters Ceramic Mug (16 oz) from United By Blue

Brand: United by Blue

Impact: For every product purchased, United By Blue removes a pound of trash from waterways, having already removed over 4 MILLION pounds of trash. But beyond offsetting purchases with trash cleanup, UBB also aims to make their products as sustainably and ethically as possible, using nontoxic, regenerative fibers that keep harmful pesticides out of the environment, to recycled fabrics that put existing trash to good use. They similarly aim to partner with suppliers who meet the highest social and environmental standards. Not to mention, they’re B Corp Certified and Climate Neutral Certified. See United by Blue’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This large, unique mug gets the coffee-culture aesthetic just right 👌. Not only will this purchase mean United By Blue removes a pound of trash from waterways, but if you buy through the link below you’ll also be buying it through a top-rated retailer on Cluey as well, Earth Hero!

Price: $32.00

Gift 4: Brew Bottle from SOMA

Brand: SOMA (owned by Full Circle Brands)

Impact: Full Circle Brands’ innovative offerings span across multiple categories: cleaning, compost, storage and filtration. A certified B Corporation, Full Circle Brands continues to unveil innovative, sustainable and lasting products that people can be proud to display in their home. See SOMA (owned by full circle)’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Capable of making pour over, cold brew, and loose leaf tea, the Soma Brew Bottle is designed to provide the highest quality coffee and tea with the most convenience on the go. The double-wall glass keeps your coffee hot and your hands comfortable. 12 oz. capacity and patent-pending stainless steel filter provides a balanced taste with no sediment.

Price: $40.00

Gift 5: Coffee from Top-Rated Brands (multiple)

What’s great about this gift: The sad truth about coffee is that the beans are among some of the most unethically produced goods in the world. Driven mostly by unfair and harmful labor practices, this can make that cup of joe not so tasty. Luckily, Cluey has some amazing top rated brands for their impacts on both people and the planet, and they’re definitely worth a try. Why not taste test them all to find your new go-to bean.

Price: Ranges from single origin batches to subscription boxes

Brand: Exilior

Impact: Exilior directly connects consumers internationally to Kenyan small-scale farming families through a vertically integrated supply chain. As a B Corp certified brand, Exilior indicates that a % of each purchase funds various climate and social impact initiatives in Kenya to empower the local population. See Exilior’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

Brand: Grounds for Change

Impact: Every bean roasted by Grounds for Change is Fair Trade Certified (better livelihoods for farmers), Organic Certified, and Carbon-Free Certified, meaning zero net carbon emissions from “crop to cup.” See Grounds for Change’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

Brand: Conscious Coffees

Impact: Conscious Coffees purchases green coffee directly from producer partners through their coffee importing cooperative, Cooperative Coffees ( They buy only certified organic coffee that is grown on small family farms that are collectively self-organized into cooperatives. See Conscious Coffees’ People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

Brand: JUST Coffee Co-op

Impact: A worker cooperative since 2006, Just Coffee always purchases green coffee exclusively from grower coops, via a cooperative importer. All current contracts with farmers, including the price paid per pound, are always publicly available online. See JUST Coffee’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

Gift 6: Toilet Paper from Who Gives a Crap

Brand: Who Gives a Crap

Impact: The founders of Who Gives a Crap are committed to solving the fact that 2 billion people in the world don’t have access to a toilet, and that contaminated water contributes to 1million deaths per year. 50% of profits are donated to projects that build toilets and bring clean water to people everywhere. Who Gives a Crap makes 100% post consumer waste recycled paper products (like from old textbooks, office paper, etc), and they also make bamboo paper products. Bamboo as a raw material is way more efficient than trees because it grows faster and can be harvested more frequently. Plus, they’re plastic free. See Who Gives a Crap People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Sure.. this may be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek addition to this gift guide, but when you’re in the need for good TP, Who Gives a Crap has you covered. We tested this brand on multiple bums in the households of members of the Cluey team… One of our internal reviews from a family member came back with, “it’s the goldilocks of toilet paper.. not too soft, and not too hard. Gets the job done magnificently.” Also, This brand is actually more cost efficient on a per-sheet basis than your standard brands. The cost of their 100% recycled 48-roll pack comes out to 31 cents per 100 sheets (their rolls are 400 sheets per roll). A 30-roll Charmin mega pack comes out to 39 cents per 100 sheets for reference. Plus, with Cluey, you get $10 off your first subscription order when using the code CLUEY101 at checkout.

Enjoy this gift guide, and check out our other gift guides here!

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