We’re Launching a Podcast!!

By the Cluey Team Here we go, y’all – Our first official PODCAST! Each episode is a bite-size 15-20 minutes to discuss the latest and greatest hot topics in the world of conscious consumerism. Like removing forever chemicals from your drinking water, or the debate on whether laundry pods are actually sustainable or just a […]

Why We’re Giving the Flush to Traditional TP

By Maryclaire Manard Let’s Talk Toilet Paper… Our latest recommended swap is one that is a small consumer change with the ability to make a huge impact. Did you know that 1 million trees are cut down EVERY DAY to make traditional, virgin tree pulp toilet paper? According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if every household in the […]

How to pick a sunscreen that’s safe for you and the planet

By Maryclaire Manard When a consumer decision arises that creates a need to balance protecting ourselves and protecting the planet, the right choice might not be as obvious.  To see this dilemma play out, look no further than the tube of sunscreen you turn to this summer.  Over the last century, we’ve had a complicated relationship […]

Get Cluey’d In On: Conscious Digital Consumption with Larissa May

By The Cluey Team Jess from the Cluey Team chats with Larissa, Founder and Executive Director of Half The Story, a non-profit on a mission to change the next generation’s relationship with technology. Larissa shared some incredibly practical tips for unplugging, especially important for these troubling times. Watch on Instagram


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