What is the impact of bad press on consumer behavior?

By C.C. Holbert

Cluey surveyed over 300 consumers and Cluey followers and asked if negative media attention towards a brand ever shaped their opinions or buying habits. A whopping 95% of respondents indicated that positive or negative press attention has affected their opinions of companies in the past. An even more surprising majority, 89%, indicated that such attention actually impacted their shopping behavior. 

This word cloud provides a look at the most frequently mentioned brands in a free response section where respondents were asked to share specific examples of how their opinions and/or shopping behavior changed. 

Also frequently mentioned by surveyed consumers were the following terms: employees, Trump, environmental, LGBTQ, political, child labor, donations, treatment, values, and Black Lives Matter. 

Source: Cluey Consumer Research Survey, September 2020

C.C. Holbert is a guest editorial contributor to the Cluey blog. As a graduate from the Univesity of Michigan, C.C. has spent her career with names like Glassdoor and ActiveCampaign, working at the intersection of corporations interacting with their employees and customers. C.C. is excited to be diving deeper into Cluey’s mission of helping consumers become more informed and conscious. 

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