Latest Research Shows Shift in Consumer Buying Behavior

By Bailey Chenevert

The latest Edelman Trust Barometer rated trust as one of the most important factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions. Additionally, the report indicated that consumer trust has also dropped significantly. This current report, following the majorly pandemic-focused 2020 report, is full of interesting new data and changing trends. Here are just a few of their findings that we found interesting:

1. Most people believe brands should take action beyond their products and business.

In addition to supporting more ethical and sustainable brands, respondents said that they expect businesses to make up for where the government lacks in addressing urgent societal issues. 

2. Trust in information sources are at an all time low.

Social media, traditional media, owned media and search engines each took a hit this year in consumer trust, with a majority of participants reporting media as biased.

3. Communications from employers were rated most trustworthy.

Trust in communication directly from respondents’ employers was ranked higher than government, media communications, advertising and other major corporations. 

Last year’s Trust Barometer showed an increasing awareness of the power businesses have to effect change. This year’s report shows an increase in public expectation that businesses will do just that, likely because of the growing number of “consumers who believe they have the power to force brands to change (63 percent) and want to exert that power to make society better (78 percent).”

Source: 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

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Bailey Chenevert is a freelance journalist and guest editorial contributor for Cluey Consumer. As a recent 2020 college graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Bailey supplemented her studies as both a research assistant and a student editor at La Louisiane. Bailey is passionate about impartial reporting on consumerism and the impacts that fashion brands have on our modern world. 

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