The Impact of Your Favorite Super Bowl Brands

By Bailey Chenevert

The Super Bowl is not only a championship of football, but a championship of advertising.

Viewers watch more than 90 multi-million dollar video advertisements during the big game every year. Some ads become national treasures, others become viral failures. No matter the content, these advertisements grow in worth every year ($6 million for a 30-second spot this year) and so does their influence. 

Even with viewership declining over the years, the long lifespan of a Super Bowl ad’s relevance can’t be ignored. Viewers anticipate these ads for weeks and rewatch them online long after the game has ended – and it shows:

  • Did you know that movies advertised during the Super Bowl receive profits that double the cost of the ad during their opening weekend?
  • Or that Budweiser receives 15.75 percent higher sales than its competitors after the game? According to a Stanford Business article, this is likely due to its longtime association with Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’re a bit skeptical of favoring a brand just because of their witty marketing, or if you simply want to Monday morning quarterback the best and the worst of this year’s ads, Cluey has you covered by listing some of the big-names featured in this year’s Super Bowl commercial breaks. We’ve done the work for you by linking their ad videos and their Cluey scores below:

  • This year’s Budweiser ad (a staple brand during the Super Bowl) features the work of Chloe Zhao, director of critically acclaimed film Nomadland. Click here to see Budweiser’s impact on Cluey. 
  • Kevin Hart is everywhere these days, including this comedic Super Bowl ad for Sam’s Club. Click here to see Sam’s Club’s impact on Cluey. 
  • Alerting all Community fans: Joel McHale and Ken Jeong reunite in this year’s Planter’s ad. Click here to see Planeter’s impact on Cluey. 
  • Hellmann’s used their ad slot this year to “tackle” the issue of food waste, and continue the celebrity cameos with SNL member Pete Davidson. Click here to see Hellmann’s impact on Cluey. 
  • There are no big stars in this year’s Dorito’s ad but… three words: beatboxing jungle animals. You’ll have to see this one for yourself. Click here to see Dorito’s impact on Cluey. 
  • Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd get meta about Super Bowl ads in Lay’s 15-second feature. Click here to see Frito-Lay’s impact on Cluey. 


Bailey Chenevert is a freelance journalist and guest editorial contributor for Cluey Consumer. As a current master’s student at Appalachian State University, Bailey is researching the ways media consumption impacts our psychology. Bailey is passionate about impartial reporting on consumerism and the impacts that fashion brands have on our modern world. She has more than six years of experience in journalism as a writer, editor and director.

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