Shop These Impact Focused Florists for Valentine’s Day!

By The Cluey Team

Psst..It’s time to order if you’re gifting flowers this Valentine’s Day! Below is the Cluey Team’s pick for local & national florists that have an added mission for positive impact. Specifically, shops on this list have an added social or environmental mission – such as employing people transitioning out of homelessness, sustainably sourcing within a local radius from local farms, etc.

Atco, NJ – Blue Violet Flowers & Gifts: Employs individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusion and supporting the community

Chapel Hill, NC – BlawesomeEngages in “social care” farming, which uses farming as a therapeutic intervention.

Chicago, IL – Southside Blooms: Employs at-risk youth in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, selling beyond-organic” flowers.

Columbus, OH – Petals that Inspire: Floral pop-up. A portion of all sales supports workforce development for youth experiencing homelessness.

Fargo, ND – Hope Blooms: Donate your bouquet to someone who may need it more. Repurposes donated flowers and rearranges them into bedside bouquets for those who are sick, elderly, or grieving.

Grand Rapids, MI – All in Bloom: A pop-up floral shop committed to including people with disabilities in the workforce.

Honolulu, HI – Puna Kamali’i Flowers, Inc.: Vocational training, employment and provider services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Langhorne, PA (outside Philly) – Yellow Daffodil: Employs people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), emotional and behavioral concerns, cerebral palsy, and other physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities.

Miami, FL – Say Sukii: A minority, female-owned business that lets customers sponsor a child for their “Flower Children & Playdate Series” Club.

Midwest (MI, MN, MO, IA, IL, IN, OH, WI) – Flowers for Dreams: Donates 1/4 of all net profits to local charities, and a BCorp

New Orleans, LA – Pistil & Stamen: Expanded urban farming efforts to operate a local farm. Sign up for a 12 week flower subscription that sends starting Mar 8th.

New York, NY – Molly Oliver Flowers: Sustainably sourcing, with over 90% of flowers sourced within 200 miles of NYC.

Oklahoma City, OK – Curbside Flowers: Providing education, employment, and training to people transitioning out of homelessness.

Pasadena, CA (and nearby) – Frida Pickles Thriving Through Flowers: Employing adults with special needs

Portland, OR –

  • Birds & Bees Nursery – Women and Black owned, dedicated to selling locally sourced, sustainable products, and hosts an Equitable Giving Circle Plant Exchange.
  • Coy & Co – Uses 100% locally grown fresh flowers, all bio-degradable and non-toxic while composting locally and diligently

Princeton, NJ – Vaseful Flowers & Gifts: a Community Options Enterprise, providing employment for people with disabilities in an integrated setting.

San Francisco, CA – The Flower Wagon: A pop-up flower truck, sourcing only from local and sustainable growers in the Bay Area.

Tulsa, OK – A New Leaf: A non-profit providing vocational training for people with developmental disabilities and autism.

West Chester, PA – Kati Mac Floral Designs: Employing adults with special needs.


  • Slow Flowers: Find a flower shop listing in your area that sources from domestic and local flower farms. There are hundreds of listings on their site across 50+ metropolitan regions in the U.S.
  • Bouqs: Farm-direct transparent sourcing and partners with farmers who use sustainable practices like minimal waste and recycled water. Customers can pinpoint the exact farm where their bouquet comes from, cutting out the middleman.

And remember, flowers are just one way to tell that special someone (or yourself!) that you love them. Tune into Cluey’s social channels for 6 ideas to celebrate partnership that aren’t stuff!

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