Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers 🪀

By Maryclaire Manard

We’ve rounded up some small but mighty stocking stuffers to help your family get started on their conscious consumer journey with their new favorite top-rated brands for impacts on people and the planet. Check it out!

Stocking Stuffer 1: Beard Grooming Kit from Badger

Brand: Badger

Impact: Badger is a strong advocate for legislation for family-friendly benefits, fair pay, and social justice. Badger models this by allowing young children of employees in the workplace for childcare needs and generous wellness benefit plans. Badger donates 10% of before-tax profits to non-profit organizations that focus on health & welfare of children, organizations in the local community where the company operates, and the promotion of peace and well-being. In 2019, Badger joined 500+ fellow B Corps in publicly committing to reach Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030 – a full 20 years ahead of 2050 goals set forth by the Paris Climate Agreement. Badger HQ is LEED Silver certified and, as of Summer 2020, operated 100% via onsite renewable energy. In manufacturing, Badger uses zero-waste and low plastic products. Badger recognizes the responsibility the company has to protect coral reefs via their sun-care products so badger sunscreens do not contain any ingredients or contaminants considered harmful to marine ecosystems, being one of the few Protect Land + Sea certified brands in the world. See Badger’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This combo cruelty-free grooming kit does it all. Use the organic beard oil which contains babassu and jojoba oils to condition and nourish the face and beard during the first six weeks of growth, reducing any itchy or patchy spots. Once the beard is the ideal length, use the beard balm to condition and style the beard, keep stray hairs in check.

Price: $29.99

Stocking Stuffer 2: Après-Anything Skincare Kit from Ursa Major

Brand: Ursa Major

Impact: This Vermont-based all-natural, sustainable, high-quality skincare and haircare brand is women-led and B-Corp certified. All full-time employees have stock ownership in the company, and the company’s HQ are carbon neutral when they are not WFH. Additionally, all employees engage in company-sponsored volunteering with local organizations in their Vermont community. See Ursa Major’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: A great stocking stuffer for anyone who will be spending a lot of time outside in the cold before being able to freshen up. This kit contains some heavy hitters from the Ursa Major brand.

Price: $34.00

Stocking Stuffer 3: Must-Have Minis Starter Set from Eminence Skincare


Impact: A heavy hitter in the natural and organic skincare space, Eminence maintains its Hungarian roots by continuing to grow some of its raw ingredients on its own Hungarian certified organic farm. All of Eminence’s products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. Eminence Organics displays its commitment to the environment by harnessing wind and solar power energy to produce products and using recyclable packaging with eco-friendly inks. In addition to its award-winning, responsibly made skincare products, Eminence is committed to its social and environmental charitable partners.

What’s great about this gift: This is definitely a splurge, but one that they’ll love. Whether they haven’t yet tried Eminence products, or they’re lifelong fans and could benefit from some travel sizes of the must-haves.

Price: $79.00

Stocking Stuffer 4: Gift card from Better World Books

Brand: Better World Books

Impact: Every time a book is purchased from, the organization donates a book to someone in need via hundreds of non-profit organizations – you can track full impact here Books for Africa and Feed the Children partner with Better World Books to take largest numbest of donated books and distribute to those that need. Of the 350+ full-time employees, 64% have ownership in the company. Better World Books offers carbon-neutral shipping to protect the environment. Since starting operations, Better World Books has reused or recycled over 300 million books and reclaimed more than 900,000 pounds of metal shelving from libraries across the US. See Better World Books’ People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This optional and easy stocking stuffer is a great gift that allows the receiver to use it for whatever book of their choosing!

Price: Up to you!

Stocking Stuffer 5: Essentials Eye Palette from Beautycounter


Impact: After the company founder learned in 2011 that the US bans only 30 ingredients from personal-care products (compared to the EU 1,400), she built The Never List of over 1,800 ingredients commonly used by other cosmetic companies that will never be used in Beautycounter products. Beautycounter is on track for its goal to maintain zero net emissions at HQ and retail locations while increasing waste diversion to 85% minimum. For packaging, all products will be 100% recycled, recyclable, refillable, reused or compostable by 2025. For ingredient sourcing, Beautycounter has completed 100% on-the-ground audits of mica, an ingredient that gives highlighter and eyeshadow shimmer but often has unethical sourcing practices. Additionally, products continue to use RSPO-certified palm oil and sustainably sourced vanilla. See Beautycounter’s People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This holiday-exclusive offering features five new versatile, talc-free shades for your day look, your night look, and even your day-to-night look.

Price: $39.00

Stocking Stuffer 6: Dream Cloths from Who Gives a Crap

Brand: Who Gives a Crap

Impact: The founders of Who Gives a Crap are committed to solving the fact that 2 billion people in the world don’t have access to a toilet, and that contaminated water contributes to 1million deaths per year. 50% of profits are donated to projects that build toilets and bring clean water to people everywhere. Who Gives a Crap makes 100% post consumer waste recycled paper products (like from old textbooks, office paper, etc), and they also make bamboo paper products. Bamboo as a raw material is way more efficient than trees because it grows faster and can be harvested more frequently. Plus, they’re plastic free. See Who Gives a Crap People and Planet ratings on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This paper towel alternative is part sponge and part cloth, dishwasher safe and machine washable, and biodegrades and can be composted at the end of its life. A zero-waste miracle!

Price: $12.00

Stocking Stuffer 7: Bath & Body Soap Variety 6-Pack from Meliora

Brand: Meliora

Impact: The MADE SAFE® seal signifies that Meliora products and ingredients have been examined for whether they build up in the environment, our bodies, and aquatic toxicity, and Leaping Bunny is the highest standard for companies that are committed to using no animal testing. Moreover, through partnerships with 1% For the Planet and Women’s Voices for the Earth, Meliora commits 2% of our annual revenues to environmental nonprofits. Additionally, Meliora cares about the community it operates in – more than half of the total dollars spent on operating costs stays in the Midwest, to companies operating in the Chicago area.

What’s great about this gift: Meliora is a great gateway sustainability brand, if you love their wonderful smelling soap bars, then it’s an easy leap from that to their powdered laundry products. Perfect for a stocking stuffer.

Price: $39.99

Stocking Stuffer 8: Refillable Travel Hand Sanitizer from Plaine Products

Brand: Plaine Products

Impact: Plaine Products offers premium personal care products in aluminum bottles that can be returned, refilled and reused. All of the products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, biodegradable, color-safe and free of parabens, sulfates and toxins, good for the body and the planet. Based in the USA, Plaine Products is B Corp certified and a member of 1% for the Planet.

What’s great about this gift: This travel size hand sanitizer will keep your loved ones germ free during any holiday travels, and guilt free as the bottles can be sent back in with a free package and label from Plaine Products once a refill is ordered.

Price: $5.00

Stocking Stuffer 9: Hot Sauces from Small Axe Peppers

Brand: Small Axe Peppers

Impact: Small Axe Peppers, a B-Corp certified organization, sources their peppers from urban farms and community gardens in 36 cities across the US and counting. Small Axe uses hot sauce profits to purchase seeds for community gardens in order to empower those local gardens to earn an income and positively impacting the cities and communities where those gardens exist.

What’s great about this gift: You can choose a hot sauce from a city where the peppers were actually sourced, we’re showing NYC hot sauces here, but they have tons of options you can add to your hot sauce rotation!

Price: $24.99

Enjoy this gift guide, and check out our other gift guides here!

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