Gift Guide: For the Baker 🍞

By Maryclaire Manard

Maybe this special someone in your life has recently taken up the calling of being a semi-professional baker.. If you’ve heard them discuss their sourdough starter at cocktail parties, then this gift guide is probably for them.

Gift 1: King Arthur’s Baking School Cookbook

Brand: King Arthur Baking Company

Impact: This 100% employee-owned, certified B Corp championing regenerative agriculture and inclusivity in baking is a no-brainer for baking gifts. See King Arthur on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: You may not know this, but King Arthur is sort of famous for their baking school. They welcome students from all backgrounds and all levels, and this cookbook essentially holds the highlights of these famous courses. Plus, each chapter concludes with a Master Class recipe from one of their talented guest instructors, which combines the lessons and techniques in one comprehensive bake.

Price: $29.95

Other gifts from King Arthur:

Fresh Sourdough Starter and Glass Sourdough Crock Set

Cranberry Orange Quick Bread and Braided Loaf Pan Set

Gift 2: Baker’s Bundle Gift Pack from Bee’s Wrap

Brand: Bee’s Wrap

Impact: A B-Corp headquartered in Vermont, Bee’s Wrap is on a mission to replace plastic-based food storage products with a natural and compostable alternative. Bee’s Wrap has been awarded Green America’s ‘People and Planet Award’, recognizing Bee’s Wrap as an outstanding small business with a deep commitment to both social justice and environmental sustainability. See Bee’s Wrap on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: This eco-friendly gift pack has everything a baker needs to prep, proof, and pack treats without plastic. Perfect for your baking friend who wants to become more sustainable.

Price: $39.99 (but they’re currently having a 15% off sale)

Gift 3: Traditional Bread Warming Set from Uncommon Goods

Brand: Uncommon Goods

Impact: Uncommon Goods is the ethical and sustainable marketplace for goods and experiences offered by independent businesses and artists. They specialize in unique gifts for everyone that encompass at least one element of their purpose, and they combine the convenience and selection of Amazon with the consciousness of a B-Corp certified brand. See Uncommon Goods on Cluey, and check out this blog post we previously wrote about their impact.

What’s great about this gift: This gift is a great addition to any baker’s home who wants a stylish way to keep their freshly baked goods warm for family and friends to enjoy. A member of our team even recently tried this out as a gift and it was an instant hit!

Price: $34.00

Gift 4: Plant Dyed Apron from the Full Circle Home KIND Collection

Brand: Full Circle Home

Impact: Full Circle Brand’s innovative offerings span across multiple categories: cleaning, compost, storage and filtration. A certified B Corporation, Full Circle Brands continues to unveil innovative, sustainable and lasting products that people can be proud to display in their home. See Full Circle on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Weighted organic cotton keeps your clothes clean, dyes made from plants like pomegranate, turmeric + indigo, large front pocket stores your phone, recipes + cooking tools!

Price: $24.99

Gift 5: Bakeware from Lagostina

Brand: Lagostina

Impact: A 120-year-old Italian cookware and bakeware brand, Lagostina is on a mission to be a standout leader of sustainability in their industry. They are starting to use recycled materials in their products directly and they have eliminated 90% of the plastic used during the packaging and shipping process in their supply chain. They’ve also restructured their warehouses and factories to reduce their eco-footprint. See Lagostina on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: If you’re looking for an upgrade to your kitchen, Lagostina has all the options from ceramic to carbon steel, all baking needs will have an elegant touch with a Lagostina product.

Price: Ranges

Gift 6: Rolling Pin from East Fork

Brand: East Fork

Impact: A climate neutral certified, B-corp certified North Carolina company, East Fork put a heavy emphasis on its social impact from how their treat their workers to their chosen charitable partners. Their entire workforce makes at least $22 an hour and they have plans to raise this minimum wage again to what MIT has calculated as a family living wage in Buncombe County, North Carolina. See East Fork on Cluey.

What’s great about this gift: Handmade in Tennessee from locally sourced wood. Most pastry chefs will tell you a wooden, french, dowel-style rolling pin is the way to go. These rolling pins provide a minimal barrier between your hands and the dough, allowing you the most control.

Price: $98.00

Other gifts from East Fork:

Biscuit Bundle

Enjoy this gift guide, and check out our other gift guides here!

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