A Message from Cluey on Voting

The movement to being conscious and informed extends to every facet of life. For those of us able to exercise our civic duty of voting, it could be the most important opportunity to be conscious and informed.

Now more than ever, Cluey knows the impact of every single vote, and we want to help make sure you’re prepared and informed before heading to the polls. 

All of the below resources are accessible through either government sponsored and/or independent nonpartisan organizations, but if you forget any of these resources, all official resources can be accessed through either or

Know Your Local and State Requirements:

State election websites – The best way to get information on requirements for heading to the polls in your state is to go directly to the source. Select your state or territory at this link to be taken directly to your local election website. 

Additional resources – For another centralized resource on local state requirements (such as ID and eligibility requirements) you can enter your state and county at the U.S. Vote Foundation website here

Know What’s on Your Ballot:

Voter guides – Check out voter guides with helpful explanations of who and what is on the ballot at Voter guides include background information on both candidates and ballot measures, so you can prepare your decisions ahead of time. Ballot Ready is a nonpartisan resource, promoted by 

Sample ballots – You may additionally request sample ballots (which unlike voter guides are just blank ballots without any additional background information) through your state election website.

Know Your Rights:

Bringing notes / sample ballots / voter guides with you – It’s possible to bring notes with you to the polls so you don’t have to memorize your choices. Some polling locations restrict the use of technology devices, like cellphones, so bring a paper copy to be safe. Check your local guidelines at the U.S. Vote Foundation website here

Keep your place in line – If you’re in line when the polls close, you can still vote

Requesting a ballot – If you make a mistake on your ballot, you can ask for a new one. If the voting machines are down at your polling location, you can request an emergency paper ballot. 

It is illegal for anyone to try to stop you from voting – If you experience intimidation, coercion, threats, false information, or anyone impersonating poll workers or election officials, you should report it to the election protection hotline immediately by calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

After You Vote:

The 2020 election is shaping up to be a historic election in terms of both voter turnout, and the fact that it’s occurring during a global pandemic. As much as it’s important for us to all vote, it’s equally as important for us to all support and call for a safe, accessible, and trusted election process. Here are two things to remember after you cast your ballot:

1. Rely on your state and local election officials to provide certified and trusted election results. 

2. Remain patient as every vote is counted. At the end of the day, local and state election officials, will be working days, weeks, and potentially months after the election to ensure the results are accurate and every vote is counted. 

See you at the polls!

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