How U.S. Corporate Brands Navigated The 2022 Olympic Games

By The Cluey Team

To learn more about how U.S. corporate brands navigated these 2022 Winter Olympic Games:

Listen to The Journal’s podcast from Feb 2, “Why U.S. Sponsors Are Keeping a Low Profile This Olympics”

Read Morning Consult’s report from Feb 1, “Americans Want Olympic Sponsors to Speak Out on China’s Human Rights Record”

To learn more about how U.S. Businesses are increasingly silencing themselves to gain access to china: Read The New York Times Morning Newsletter from Feb 20, “American Self-Censorship”

To learn more about the situation in Xinjiang (where the Uyghur population is in China): Read The Smithsonian Magazine’s report from Feb 2, “Is China Committing Genocide Against the Uyghurs?”

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